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WebWork 2.1.7 release notes

Key changes

  • XWork upgraded to 1.0.5
    • Using i18n, especially the ww:text tag, is now possible in SiteMesh decorators. See SiteMesh.
    • Issues where the ActionContext wasn't properly cleaned up (after ww:include and ww:action) have been resolved.
    • Configuration
      • If the action class is not specified, it now defaults to com.opensymphony.xwork.ActionSupport.
      • If the result name is not specified, it is assumed to be "success".
  • Non-UI tags
    • ww:text and ww:url have an id attribute that, when specified, causes the tag not to print out the localized text but rather store the result in the ActionContext to be referenced later. See SiteMesh, URL tag, and Text Tag.
  • UI tags
    • ww:form has an added target attribute.
    • ww:form exposes "namespace" in the parameters Map in templates.
    • ww:form tag defaults the id and name attribute to the action name that it is submitting to.
    • Form elements default the id attribute to "[formId]_[elementName]".
    • Form elements default the "required" attribute to true if there is any validator associated with that field and the form's validate attribute is enabled.
    • ww:textarea has an added "wrap" attribute.
    • XHTML theme: added a parameter called "after" and that will add text to the right of the form element.
  • Replaced old prototype client-side validation with XmlHttpRequest-based solution (STILL IN PROTOTYPE PHASE, works in XHTML theme only).
  • Interceptors
    • ServletConfigInterceptor now checks for actions implementing PrincipalAware and adds a Principal that ties in to the HttpServletRequest's Principal.
    • Minor bug fixes in the ExecuteAndWaitInterceptor and FileUploadInterceptor.
  • Results
    • JasperReportsResult and StreamResult both support the Content-disposition header.
    • JasperReports integration has been upgraded to 0.6.3.
    • WebWorkResultSupport has a simple conditionalParse() method making support for ${} notation in your results easier (it will parse only if the parse attribute is true).

Upgrade steps

  1. Copy over the new webwork.jar and xwork.jar files.
  2. If you are using JasperReports, you will need to upgrade to the latest JasperReports jars of 0.6.3 because the package name has changed.
  3. Read the migration notes for anything that you should be aware of.

Migration notes

  • If you were using the old client-side validation code, it is still possible to keep using it but you will likely need to modify form-close.vm and controlheader.vm in the XHTML theme and form.vm in the simple theme. We recommend supporting the new prototype as it is a lot easier to use and doesn't require special validators.
  • It is possible, though very unlikely, that the default ids for the UI tags and the default name for the form tag might cause you some trouble. Please be aware of this change.


OpenSymphony JIRA (26 issues)
T Key Summary
Improvement WW-706 Text tag and URL tag should have option to store contents to context
Improvement WW-704 Integrate PrincipalInterceptor with ServletConfigInterceptor
Improvement WW-703 Add wrap attribute to textarea
Improvement WW-702 Required (*) should be on by default if a validator exists
Improvement WW-701 UI tags should have default ids and names
Bug WW-698 webwork.i18n.encoding does not get set by the ServletDispatcher
Improvement WW-696 StreamResult should accept file option
Bug WW-695 JSP Form Tags does not have a target attribute
Bug WW-694 ExecuteAndWaitInterceptor can return null results
Bug WW-693 FileUploadInterceptor don't check the allowed files's Enumeration whitch is null.
Improvement WW-692 Webwork package of jasper reports packaged as dori.jasper. Latest release of Jasper Reports packaged as net.sf.jasperreports
Improvement WW-691 JasperReports 0.6.3 support
Improvement WW-687 Freemarker - add method buildUrl to FreemakerWebworkUtil
Improvement WW-686 JasperReport result - Content-Disposition management
Improvement WW-684 Default action class and result name.
Bug WW-681 getText() doesn't work in Sitemesh filters
Bug WW-677 ww:include replaces existing value stack with new one
Bug WW-676 Freemarker Support:TemplatePath in web.xml has no effect
Improvement WW-668 Externalise the JavaScript validation support from the JSP taglibs
Bug WW-649 Field errors should be displayed in the order they're in the POJO
Bug WW-638 Freemarker result encoding error
Improvement WW-637 textarea does not have maxlength attribute
Bug WW-617 Stale Action Invocation left in Stack Context
Bug WW-490 Is WW ignoring webwork.locale setting?
Improvement WW-455 Select tag template does not work properly for Object like BigDecima
Improvement WW-351 Forwarding unknown tag attributes

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