Migration and Updating

Table of Contents

33. Upgrading from Samba-2.x to Samba-3.0.20
Quick Migration Guide
New Features in Samba-3
Configuration Parameter Changes
Removed Parameters
New Parameters
Modified Parameters (Changes in Behavior):
New Functionality
Changes in Behavior
Passdb Backends and Authentication
34. Migration from NT4 PDC to Samba-3 PDC
Planning and Getting Started
Steps in Migration Process
Migration Options
Planning for Success
Samba-3 Implementation Choices
35. SWAT The Samba Web Administration Tool
Features and Benefits
Guidelines and Technical Tips
Validate SWAT Installation
Enabling SWAT for Use
Securing SWAT through SSL
Enabling SWAT Internationalization Support
Overview and Quick Tour
The SWAT Home Page
Global Settings
Share Settings
Printers Settings
The SWAT Wizard
The Status Page
The View Page
The Password Change Page